Sunday, June 22, 2008

Start Today

Within reason, if you want to start or grow your business, yo can do it today...with whatever you have. Many of the top business growing tools are free and require a little time, ingenuity, and follow through. Here they are:

Social Networking- if you can get access to a computer, and have the time, you can begin networking in the cyber world. By choosing your online persona (backgrounds, music, photos, etc.)and filling in questions and criteria, on sites that house your target audience for your service or product, you can begin to build a web presence---for free.

Media Placement-does your company make the next big gadget? Do you have the cure to plumber's crack (don't ask--just popped into my head). IF you can think of relevant, newsworthy information to keep you/your company consistently in the media, you can brand yourself as an expert and reap significant business. Again--FREE! It takes some brain power and dedication.

The bottom line---do something. Don't wait around for the perfect time--trust me, it will NEVER come. Right now is as perfect a time as any to build your mega brand.

Now....back to Roscoe's...

So, Roscoe has his market. Now, he has to plan how to get people in the door.

Side note---for the sake of focusing on PR functions, we're skipping some steps that you'd do when opening a restaurant.


Now, he knows about his restaurant and who he wants to see there, how does he get them there?

First, Roscoe needs to set-up a marketing and PR budget. If he were my client, I would definitely invite the food media to a special night (pre-grand opening) to taste some of his signature dishes. I mean, who doesn't love free food. And, if his food's as great as I know it would be, then he should get rave reviews! Note...the media would be specialized to restaurants, fine living and fine dining magazines (there's the key--can't go after all media for all things--specialization is the key).

Let's back-up for a get that media pitches/angles have to be created to have an idea of what to say to which media, in order to interest them. Then, a media list of those specializes media outlets have to be created. Press releases have to be written and distributed to the media list. Finally, following-up with journalists is important---not harassing and annoying them, simply following-up.

Now that you have a very simple primer in media relations, dig a little deeper and get some sample press releases, ideas about how to put together a pitch and see what you can do for yourself/your business. Here are some great resources to do just that:

Until next time and the next installment of Roscoe's.....

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